Forcit Defence is one of the forerunners in Insensitive Munitions (IM) technology, manufacturing IM defence products with its own Plastic Bonded Explosives (PBX) product family. It is part of OY FORCIT AB – a Finnish based company that has explosive expertise since 1893.

Forcit Defence has been developing and manufacturing innovative defence systems for Armed Forces globally since 1920’s. Since early 1980’s Forcit Defence has been serving western Defence Forces as well as International Defence product manufacturers with world class IM PBX products. The product range covers a wide variety ranging from special forces/combat engineering charges to underwater systems.

Insensitive Munitions Technology

Forcit utilizes a technology called cast cured Plastic Bonded Explosives (PBX). This technology enables Forcit to create products that are safer to use, transport and store. Forcit’s hard work in
IM-field was recognized internationally in 2006 when we received an Award of Technical Achievements from Munition Safety Information and Analysis Center (MSIAC, former NIMIC) for developing an EIDS-explosive (Extremely Insensitive Detonating Substance) called FOXIT.Currently Forcit has a capability to manufacture wide range of core load charges, from extremely small boosters to several hundreds of kilo’s large core loads.