Currently three main product are Insensitive Munitions products that were developed for Finnish Defence Forces anti-personnel mine replacement program. Now they have been introduced to international markets.

MPIMS – Multipurpose Infantry Munition System

MPIMS is an Insensitive Munitions Directed Fragmentation Charge Full Spectrum product family. MPIMS is an Area Denial and Force protection defence system with unbeatable operational are and effectiveness.

MPIMS Training and Simulation Systems allow soldiers to train the use of MPIMS without live charges. Less-lethal and lethal systems allow operators to engage with different Force escalation according to threat level.

ATMF RC62/72 – Anti-tank Mine Fuze

ATMF RC62/72 is a remote controlled Anti-tank mine fuze which updates old ATM’s  to full width attack capability smart Anti-tank mines. ATMF 62/72 uses combined seismic, electromagnetic and force influence sensors to identify its target and selects the optimum moment for initiation. The fuze’s shape charge penetrates the bottom of armoured vehicle thus enhancing the effectiveness of the parent Anti-tank mine.

Modification possibility to other anti-tank mines exists.

PENO – Plastic explosive

PENO is a PETN based plastic explosive with exceptional properties in extreme environments. PENO has an excellent consistency in temperature range of -46 to +71 C˚. PENO
has been in use all over the world, from Finnish Lapland in winter time to Western Sahara.

PENO can be used for cutting and penetration different materials, for underwater water blasting, for mini-blasting, for shaped charges, for demining, IEDD and EOD.

In accordance to the Convention on the Marking of plastic explosives for the Purpose of Identification 1% Dimetyldinitrobutan (DMDNB) is added.