Forcit Defence has been specializing in Underwater Systems since 1980’s with our own Plastic Bonded Explosives product line. Forcit was awarded for technological achievements in the area of Insensitive Munitions from NATO’s Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) in 2006 as a first non-NATO country organization, for developing an extremely potent Underwater Explosive FOXIT.

BLOCKER – Insensitive Munitions Influence Mine

BLOCKER is the latest Influence Mine to hit international markets in years. BLOCKER is a cost effective Influence Mine equipped with advanced sensor systems, customer programmable algorithms and parameters, Insensitive Munitions Plastic Bonded Explosives, exercise systems and an impressive total energy output equivalent of over 1000 kg’s of TNT.

BOXER – Insensitive Munitions Underwater Mine Disposal Charge

BOXER combines the efficiency and usability of high end modern Underwater Mine Disposal Charges with a low cost. BOXER is a product with priority on operational efficiency and safety. It can be deployed quickly and it is able to self-neutralise. BOXER is equipped with self-destruct mode, which enables successful operations even in acoustically difficult environments.
Users that have tested BOXER reported that it halved the time the mine clearance procedures usually took, required less preparation and that it was easily recovered if the operation was cancelled.